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Crown Call Manager

Crown offers a leading cloud technology for telecommunications providers.

The CM App opens up the world of Unified Communication & Collaboration.

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Crown Call Manager was designed and developed as a virtual telephone system that combines the modern IP telephony with the advantages proven telephone systems.

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The video function of the CM app enables personal communication with eye contact and allows you to speak face to face over large spatial distances. Gestures say more than words.

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The CM app offers a convenient presence display with which you can share both the phone and chat status as well as informative status messages such as “meeting” or “vacation” with your chat contacts. Before you even get in touch, you can see the availability of your communication partner and decide when and how best to contact so that you can communicate effectively on the first attempt.

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Text messages are a particularly efficient form of communication. The CM app offers you direct exchange with your chat contacts as well as within your team in rooms.

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Video Conferencing

Video conferences help you keep communication channels short and make decision-making processes efficient. In contrast to a conference call, a video conference also offers you an image transmission in addition to audio. This brings you much closer to the personal meeting.

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Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a particularly important UCC service for presentations and collaboration between geographically separated teams.

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